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Long time no see. Yes, it’s been a while that I didn’t write any blog , due to some family emergencies. Well I’m back. Let’s talk something about eyes.
I have seen many women having an issues with under eyes’ bags. I had/ have this problem too. Mostly women are in anxiety and don’t get enough sleep especially when your kids are so young and later their bodies adapt the timetable of less sleep and this becomes the habit. Some have insomnia issues since they are very young or even they are kids, which I fall in this category. Some take medicines which causes them to sleep less. Some like to take caffeine a lot to stay alert during daytime which ultimately make them sleep less at night. Overall all above can cause eyes to get tired and have dark circles or develop under eye bags.
The one product I use for under eye bags is called “PeterThomasRoth,  https://bit.ly/39MypA2 under eyes bags treatment”, which instantly worked for me, but friends this is a temporary relief for the bags as if you are going to a party so you need instant bags relief with the above creme and them make-up could do more hide. Let’s try it, but first test on your hand skin and read the label on the creme tube to check if there is anything which you are allergic to. If all is good to you then try and give the reviews for me under that creme.


Thanks and tc
Ms. D

Nike Pegasus 38, the best running shoes
Hello guys
Let’s talk about comfort shoes for running.
I used many shoes, but the best I like is, Pegasus 38 from Nike. https://bit.ly/2XYzNtP
As it’s wider from the toes and midsole has good amount of cushioning, that is still firm on
the heels and the sides. This makes the Pegasus 38 for long training runs.
If you like for long lasting running shows, then go for Nike Pegasus 38.
Feeling soft at heels
Ms. D.
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Hello there,

Just like to share few homemade remedies / masks which I use myself on my face and neck.
I also recommend to many of my friends and relatives who have issues with their skin textures, tone ,
dryness, freshness and brightness.

Before applying on your face, please test on a small patch on your arm.

Face Masks

1. Honey 1 tsp with dry powder milk 1 tbsp and a pinch of turmeric.
Combine all these ingredients and make a thick paste . Apply on your
face and neck, avoid the eyes . Leave foe 20 minutes, and when it dry ,
wash with warm water. After that, dry your face with a tissue
paper and apply vit C serum( link on the bottom)



2. One tbsp of yogurt, 1 tbsp. of lemon juice freshly squeezed ,
2 tbsp. of chick peas flour ( Besan), mix all together. Make a paste,
apply on your face and neck. Keep it for 20-30 mins till it dry. Rub
and remove the mask and wash Your face with warm water. Pat dry
and apply moisturizer.

Your face with warm water. Pat dry
and apply moisturizer.

3. Chick peas flour 2 tbsp, flax seeds
powder 1 tsp, turmeric powder 1/4
Tsp , freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tbsp. Mix all together , apply on
Face and neck and then thoroughly
Wash with warm water. After pat dry
Apply some moisturizer.

4. When you are using a face wash ,
You can add 1/4 tsp of sugar .This
Helps in exfoliating the dead skin.
After drying apply moisturizer.

5. Two tbsp of olive oil with 1 tbsp of
Freshly squeezed lemon juice.Mix
Them Both . Apply on your face and
Neck vigorously. Later wash face
Gram flour ( besan) and then pat

With good bye and promise for new tips in the future.

With Blessings,
Ms. D.


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Happy Father’s Day to all the diligent , talented, loving and devoted dads.

A father is the one who first thinks about his child and then about himself. Love your father if you have him around you and if you lost him, kindly pray for them always.
Whatever you are now it’s all because of your father’s efforts.
Love your father ??!!!


Hello my great readers, Ms. D. here
Something about blood detoxification. Let me first tell what organs help our body to cleanse the blood from the toxins.
In a healthy body, the liver, kidney, and the lungs cleanse and detoxify the blood. The liver plays the most important role in cleansing the blood. A healthy liver not only filters toxins and unwanted byproducts from the blood but also pulls nutrients from it to deliver to the body.
The blood carries oxygen to trillions of cells in the human body. It also carries hormones, fats and nutrients from the food that you eat to every single cell in the body and it means if the blood is having many toxins, and body is not 100% capable to cleanse those toxins, then blood with toxicity cause negative impact on your skin, hair, nails and also reduces energy level in the body. We should know that fruits/ vegetables ginger, lemon, garlic, basil, apple, kale, cauliflower , broccoli, reddish, beetroot, and berries , all help in purifying the blood. But sometimes due to some diseases for which you are taking strong medicines or any if you are not taking healthy foods since long , then that may increase toxins in your blood. I will suggest some herbal remedies which I’m using and that helps me even my skin tone, decreases my blemishes and freckles, Dark spots, and I am getting tireless  night sleeps and wake up fresh every morning. I mostly use Neem powder ( Azadirachta indica leaves powder). https://amzn.to/35rR5Q5
Neem, (Azadirachta indica) ,which is rich in natural antioxidants, is traditionally known to be a very effective blood purifier. It also support the liver and kidney which assist in taking out waste and toxins from the body.
Before trying any herbal medicines, always consult your primary care Physician.

“Eyes are the lanterns for your body.
These lanterns help you see the clear pathway ahead you, if they are without blemishes.”

Hello friends, Ms. D here!!

Let’s talk about “how to care for your eyes?” As we all know that with aging and some underlying diseases can cause negative effects on the eyes. They become dry, itchy, red and have blurry visions. If eyesight gets weak because of the aging, then you definitely need to wear glasses under your eye doctor’s prescription. If the reasons are environmental factors, allergies or any physical hindrances, then we can use homemade remedies to alleviate the symptoms. Many people suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome”, which is a general term for  scratchy, dry, painful sensations  and feeling of something in the eyes, redness, fatigued eyes, mucous in and around the eyes, and lack of sleep because of tired eyes.
When I have dry eyes syndrome’s like effects in my eyes, then I first try to use homemade remedies like,
Eat more foods rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, such as:
* ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil
* palm oil
* soybean oil
* chia seeds
* fatty fish, including salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel
* walnuts
* eggs
* Omega-3 supplements which are highly approved by people
* Castor oil eye drops. Castor oil may help reduce tear evaporation, which can improve your symptoms
* Artificial tear eyedrops

Other than homemade , we can use Omega-3 supplements, which I use on daily purposes.


These supplements not only help in your eyes moisture but also help improving your good fat in the body.

Always talk to your doctor before trying any natural remedies and supplements.
Some suggestions which me and my friends use are as follows:


Hello Friends, Ms. D with some advice and suggestions for Keto snacks.
Who doesn’t know about Keto diet?
I think there is much debate about Keto everywhere in media and online. The Keto diet purpose is to drastically reducing unhealthy carbs and sugar intake from your diet and replace them with fats. Also be sure to restrict highly processed items and unhealthy fats.
We all have habits of finger foods and have craving for snacking, and it’s not a heinous crime. When we are at work and especially under stress, our body craves for something which quickly satisfy the urge . So usually we seek for unhealthy food with more carbs and sugar , which for the brief period of time give pleasurable effects, but for the long run they will cause ailing effects on the body. Therefore, I suggest you to have Keto snacks at work, after exercise and during traveling. Keto products fulfilling you and give constructive support to your brain, muscles and bones. Thus “Healthy body and Brain “ is always rewarding towards a long active life.

Following products which me and my friends always keep in our pantry.


Summer is on the way , YAY!!

Every year we wait for summer to enjoy it for our fullest with family and friends. We all should take care of our skin in any weather ,but with summer approaching , we have to take care of our skin on the qui viv. You all know that UV light is harmful , so we need to be very meticulous about our skin. Sunlight not only impair you skin but too long exposure could cause dark pigmentation and can cause malignancy too.
Hot weather increases water loss and leading to dehydration. This causes skin redness, irritation, dryness, freckles and premature wrinkles. In Summer our skin tends to sweat more, produce more oil and more blackheads too.
We should start prepping our skincare routine for the sunnier seasons. Our skin requires essentials sunscreen and oil free moisturizer. During summer season go for the lighter moisturizer to avoid clogged pores and breakouts. You can still use exfoliating products but once or twice a week in summer as too much exfoliation may cause skin to be sensitive and thinner, which could lead to deterioration of the skin while exposing in sunlight. Use the exfoliating products which are fruit or plant based to avoid irritation. Exposure to UVA/ UVB lights even for 10-15 minutes can cause significant damage to the skin, hyperpigmentation, accelerated photo aging and wrinkles.
Ms. D., will give suggestions about the best Vit C , summer moisturizers and high SPF sunscreen, to be used during whole summer and can be use later in other seasons too, if you spend more time outside. In the end , be vigilant about any kind of skin products and swapping out products regularly at-least every year. Also avoid using sunscreen which has chemicals as those can stay on your skin and blood stream for months. So mineral based sunscreen is a must. Attaching the following products’ links , which myself and my friends have tremendous experience.
“Dermatologists recommend to use Vit C first, then a light moisturizer, and finally don’t forget to wear sunscreen on the top!”

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Hello friends, Ms. D. here with some fresh ideas!

Your physical image is the key of your confidence. The impression from how you dress up , makes people to judge you what your facade is as compare to what you from inside. No ones has the right to judge you but there is also no harm in judging someone in a positive way. I think you should wear something that makes you feel certainly confident about your looks. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a formal or a casual clothing; but yes it does matter that you should feel comfortable.
Therefore do wear something that makes you feel what you are from inside. What an individual wears is often the first effect they make on another person.
Although we should also aware of the dress code when attending a formal
or a casual party and so go with flow but don’t drowned yourself.
Once Marilyn Monroe said that “ Give the girl the right shoe, she can conquer the world “!

Let’s see some of the suggestions to wear during summer and feel . These are the one I ordered for myself and for my friends.


Ms. D. here , with deep sentiments for all the loving mom who are with us and who are not with us.

To our beloved and devoted mothers, who never believe in “Give and Take”. They all did and do for us without recompense. So make this Mother’s Day special for your mom , give her hugs and kisses, no repentance later.

I’m here because of you and I dedicated my whole life to you. I worship you and bow in-front of you after God . I am your slave as you sacrifice yourself to make me strong and healthy.

I salute you mom and I kiss your name wherever I see your name. I will give you tribute till I’m alive.


Healthy nourishments, workouts which help toning the body, healthy snacks to replace convenience food, grooming of face, hair and body with herbal homemade products and the market products which we already used and have marvelous results.

We also suggest products for the comfort of our friends’ with friendly accessible websites. Our goal is that everyone can get best products with effortless movement especially with a frenetic routine day to day and moreover with Covid situations , we prefer everything to get by home delivery.

You can ask questions about our blogs and the products we suggest for your ease.

We Love to help you the best we can, because we like you to enjoying your life, be confident and be proud of yourself!


Welcome to Ms. D. Blog,

The above quote best goes for those who take healthy nourishment plus give priority to exercise. Moving your body gives gods blood flow to your body with helps in healing and maintaining your physique.
Today I will write something about basic need of the body for both genders and of any age from 15-onwards, but before that you always need to ask your Primary Care Physician. Although I will post only about natural ingredients but excess of everything is not healthy.


This is only extra fluid to hydrate your body especially in summers.
Try taking the following according to your needs, usually prefer 3-4 times a week and try different flavors from the following:

1. LAIRD superfood Cremer
2. LAIRD green superfood
3. LAIRD coconut water
4. LAIRD activate daily jump start

Also you can try fresh coconut water too. Just buy from a store, make a hole in it and insert a straw and suck it out in your mouth.

I am adding  links of the
above brands and where you can get them


Enjoy !!


Hi my name is Ms. D. and I’m a health professional with an age number 40. I have moved to USA about 20 years back and love to share my natural healthy tips which I have been using since I was a teenager . Other than natural products, I will also posts pictures of the products which are best for facial skin and hair. As we all know that with aging we need to work more on our face and hair to make them healthier long lasting .
I usually prefer herbal homemade stuffs ( Granny cure) especially for young girls and women between 12-25 years old, and for women older than 30’s, I recommend herbal plus genuine bonafide skin and hair care products.

I have seen many facial skins having contrasting unusual tones and also with unalike textures. As for me , like I used to have full oily skin and with the growing age, now I have  oily “T zone “with normal texture of the cheeks. There are many women having all dry skin or mixed and/ or  with acne or dissimilar textures. They need ultra care for their skin and for this reason they need unorthodox products. Hair is also just Like skin and needs healthy topical food too.

In my next blog I will write about “ how to make homemade herbal skin products “for different skin textures for how to protect hair fall.

Later I will tell you guys about the market products which I had and have been using since many years and which causes tremendous affects on my face and hair.

Rest is later, aligator !